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   The Vejdusit Foundation, under the Royal patronage of H.R.H. Princess Kalayaniwatana Kromluangnaradhiwasrajnagarindra, is delighted to offer THB 1,000,000 (one million Baht) for 10 scholarships, for medical research, which can be applied in the field of public health by nurses or doctors. The program’s main objective is to promote medical research and magnify the research outcomes, in order to increase the knowledge of doctors and nurses and disseminate this knowledge for the benefit of public health, within the Kingdom of Thailand.

   Interested candidates may submit their research proposals by hand or post to:

The Vejdusit Foundation

2. Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchburi Road,

Huay Khwang, Bangkapi,

Bangkok 10310.


  • To promote valuable and salutary medical research and magnify the development outcomes of such research and utilize its benefits toward the medical, nursing, and public health.
  • To offer good opportunities for Thai physicians, nurses and other medical staff in order to build a worldwide reputation with their research.
  • To relieve the burden on the government sector, with regard to budget allocation for research and development.

Scholarship Quota:

  • Not more than 10 scholarships, under the limited budget of 1 million Baht.

Scholarship’s Requirement:

  • The researcher is required to submit the research proposal and appropriate documentation as herein detailed.

Research Criteria:

  • The study should be an innovative research topic in the field of medicine which may include nursing or public health issues.
  • The study should conform to medical theory and ethics.
  • The results of the study should generate public benefit and value.
  • In case the research topic had previously been in vestigated, the researcher should clarify the reason for the repetition of, or the contiguity of the proposed research to the prior study.

Applicant’s Qualification:

  • The scholarship is open only to Thai physicians, Thai nurses, or other Thai medical professionals.
  • There is no limitation of gender and age.
  • The applicant(s) may apply individually or collectively.

Research Duration:

  • Each project should be completed within one year.

Registration Time Frame:

  • Application submission: 1st September 2011 to 15th December 2011.
  • Result announcement: 15th January 2012.
  • Granting of the scholarship: 15th Febuary 2012.


Guidelines for submission of Research Proposal:

Research Proposal should contain the following:

1. Name of the study in both Thai and English

2. Name and surname of the project leader, and his/her qualifications, affiliations, contract address, telephone and facsimile number(s), email. (In case of collective research, the researchers need to provide all contact details, as aforementioned, for all members).

  • Researchers should also provide their curriculumvitae, and 5 examples of their latest research (if any).

3. The principle of the study.

4. The objectives of the study.

5. Research methodology.

6. Project duration.

7. Action plan.

8. Research location or plan for data collection.

9. Necessary Equipment & instruments to be used in the study.

10. Budgeting plan, classified into groups.

11. The expected outcome or the value of the study.

12. Research reference(s).

13. Other explanations (if any)

14. The signature of the project leader including the certified letter from their supervisor, and signature of all co-researchers.

15. In case the research is studying on human, the informed consent forms of the volunteers or patients who join the study is required.


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